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As an Occupational Therapist working with children & young people, I address performance difficulties which impact on their ability to engage meaningfully in play, education & self-care activities – the main areas of occupation for a child. Developing independence & skills within these areas & enabling the child or young person to reach their full potential is the primary goal of therapy.

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1991 & have specialised in working with children & young people since 1995. I have extensive experience in the assessment & management of children & young people with a range of learning, social communication, attachment, sensory processing & co-ordination difficulties. I’m fully compliant with all regulations relating to independant practice & passionate about keeping my clinical skills up to date & in line with current research & best practice. This includes clinical networking & support, attending courses, conferences & specialist post graduate training.


Types of difficulties Addressed:

  • Sensory Processing difficulties, including those associated with Autism Spectrum, Attention Deficit & Attachment Disorders.
  • Motor Co-ordination difficulties, including Developmental Co-ordination Disorder / Dyspraxia.
  • Visual Perceptual difficulties
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Organisational & Self-Care difficulties
  • Emotional / Behavioural difficulties, as a consequence of any of the above.

Services available:

  • Comprehensive assessment – this includes initial liaison with the child or young person’s family & educational setting, school observation & direct assessment; using a variety of standardised & informal assessment tools. Following the assessment, a detailed written report is completed & a face to face feedback session offered to discuss findings & next steps.
  • Individual or small group treatment sessions, targeting key areas of concern & functional goals.
  • Home & school therapy programmes.
  • Therapy & advice for sensory processing & attachment disorders, including individualised sensory diets.
  • Bespoke workshops & training for famalies & professionals – including INSET training & twilight sessions for education staff.


I really look forward to working with Claire.  We have fun and I end up giggling lots but I do lots of good stuff with her.  She helps me feel stronger in my muscles and body.   I can now do things that I never thought I would be able to do like monkey bars, doing up shoe laces and even sitting still.  I used to find it all so much harder.  I am able to talk to her and like magic, she helps me do it.  I have to try hard though but I love it.  I feel so happy when we find a way which helps me and I learn new things.  I tell her when things are not going OK at school for me and she helps me do things for myself so I can be happy and deal with it all!


My son has sensory processing difficulties, dyspraxia and hypermobility and I often wonder where we would be if it wasn’t for Claire.  As his OT she has worked miracles with him and he is now in a much better place, happier and even likes himself now.  She has worked with him one to one and helped him build his core strength, improve his co-ordination, concentration and even regulate and deal with his emotions and how he interacts with people.  He is able to understand himself more now and choose strategies to use in different situations to allow him to feel in control and react appropriately.  She has also helped him build and develop skills that other children learn more easily, like using a knife and fork, doing up his shoe laces and even handwriting.  As a mum, she has helped me understand him and support him so that I feel good about myself and he is doing the things he wants to do well


She is a passionate professional who works from the heart. Claire is practical, knowledgeable and is empowering in building relationships. She is an excellent report writer who is not afraid to use complex terminology which she explains well. 

Claire is flexible, determined in her work and is diplomatic in how she works across agencies. She is compassionate and empathic in her approach to families and she uses her theory to evidence practice results. 

I have seen positive changes in my child since Claire’s involvement in particular with his daily living and sensory processing skills. 

I highly recommend Claire as an Occupational Therapist. 


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