My son has sensory processing difficulties, dyspraxia and hypermobility and I often wonder where we would be if it wasn't for Claire.  As his OT she has worked miracles with him and he is now in a much better place, happier and even likes himself now.  She has worked with him one to one and helped him build his core strength, improve his co-ordination, concentration and even regulate and deal with his emotions and how he interacts with people.  He is able to understand himself more now and choose strategies to use in different situations to allow him to feel in control and react appropriately.  She has also helped him build and develop skills that other children learn more easily, like using a knife and fork, doing up his shoe laces and even handwriting.  As a mum, she has helped me understand him and support him so that I feel good about myself and he is doing the things he wants to do well